Tuesday, 21 January 2014

People Just Do Nothing

A BBC 3 Comedy. This is my first Casting Director credit on a TV show. 
Very excited about it coming out this year!

Mockumentary that follows the lives of people connected to a pirate radio station. 
They finished shooting the 4 part series for BBC3 before Christmas.
Roughcut TV are producing it and Jack Clough is the director.

This is me with the PJDN Hat on.
Hope to post a link to the trailer as soon as I can...

Catch Me Daddy Feature Film

I spent 4 months in Yorkshire and a couple of months before in Manchester street casting for Daniel Wolfe's first feature film- Catch Me Daddy. An amazing experience street casting some great people and working with a brilliant team. Looking forward to seeing how it looks... 
Photo by Alex Hulsey
Casting Director- Lucy Pardee.
Street Casting- Gussy, Laura, George, Alex, Hayley, Lucy and I found ourselves in interesting places all over the North of England finding the best faces... too many stories. Every face found has a story attached! 

The Goob

  Photo by Alex Hulsey
The Goob is an ifeatures2 film that was shot in Norfolk last year. Kharmel Cochrane is the Casting Director and I did some additional street casting in Norfolk. 

This Morning/Boots Idents

We had to street cast everyone in these ads. This is just a montage of a few but more are coming out over the next few months.

Cadbury's first ever Christmas Ad- 'Unwrap Joy'

London Grammar 'Nightcall'

Although the cast ended up quite far in the background I really love this music video and song from London Grammar.

Young's What Smells So Good?

Lesley Beastall cast the actors in this lovely ad for Young's. Sunnie (Street Cast London) and I were asked to cast the locals and went to Clovelly and other areas in Devon and Cornwall to scout for talent. We met some wonderful people- real fishermen, musicians and locals who ended up in the commercial.

Chase and Status- 'Count On Me'

Chase and Status 'Count On Me' from Forever on Vimeo.

Tesco 'Love Every Mouthful' A mixture of street casting and actors for these lovely Summer spots for Tesco

Tesco- 'Love Every Mouthful'

Tesco- Love Every Mouthful: Strawberries

Tesco- Love Every Mouthful: Chicken

M.I.A.- 'Bring The Noize'