Monday, 11 June 2012

ill manors feature film

2 years a go we started searching for new talent for this film going into schools in Newham and holding workshop castings for the young characters, small roles and non actors. Dan Hubbard did an amazing job casting the established and brilliant actors including Natalie Press, Jo Hartley and the fantastic Riz Ahmed.
Working on ill manors was like working with family. Everyone worked hard, had fun and 100 per cent believed in Ben Drew and the film because he belived in all of us. Thanks for the experience Ben. x

A few photos from the premiere at The Empire- Leicester Square and then the after party at the W Hotel.
Photo: yesterday ;-)
Riz Ahmed with Editor Farrah 
Me- on route to my first premiere
Farrah and I on the red carpet
Ben Drew 
ill manors poster at The Empire
Sophie and Karen- the make up team and I at the party.

Stella Artois- World Trade Fair

Great new retro TVC by Nick Gordon.
I did some street casting for this in Kiev- Ukraine! Interesting place to find people. I had a lovely translator and assistant called Alyona. 
Stella Artois 'World Trade Fair' (30') from Somesuch & Co. on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Plan B- ill manors

Top Boy director Yann Demange directed this music video for Plan B's latest.
I was assistant casting director on the film Ill Manors so we used some of the cast from the film and some from Top Boy which I had assisted on for Des Hamilton.
Here is a link to the video but you should also read his statement so you understand Bens message behind the video.

Adidas- Ready To Run?

I cast this Adidas viral for director Bob Harlow at Somesuch and Co. I really like this. Bob is great!

Adidas, 'Ready To Run?' from Somesuch & Co. on Vimeo.

The Shoes- Time to Dance

Street casting in cold January for East London hipsters for JAKE GYLLENHAAL to kill!
This premiered with Noisey and had a million hits in less than a week.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I realised that I never included a link to my own film Eli.
I made this for Straight 8 2010 and it has been shown at Cannes Film Festival and several other film festivals since including Raindance, Rushes Soho shorts, Couch Fest, CFC Worldwide short festival and more.. I even won a bottle of olive oil in a festival in France!

Thanks to Lorna Marsh and Eli.

Discover Ireland- Jump In

This is the cinema ad directed by Daniel Wolfe.

I spent almost 3 weeks in Ireland travelling around to street cast the web content for the Tourism Ireland commercial and also crossed over to the main tvc. Fell in love with Dingle! Actually everywhere I went in Ireland was pretty special. :)

Here is one for the web content directed by Bob Harlow.
The very talented surfer Al Mennie-

Chivas- The Art of Hosting- 360

Chivas & Le Baron Present: The Art of Hosting. Find out the secret behind the world’s best parties at

Director- John Dower
2AM Films

Vodafone- Codes

Once again lots of street casting for this commercial. The guy who had his head shaved really was raising money for charity and was planning on a charity head shave for a still born charity. We got him to have the headshave with his family around him for the commercial. Great moment and lots of money raised.

Freeview- Corgis

Daniel Wolfe directed this lovely commercial for Freeview at the time of the Royal Wedding.
It was in the top 10 ads of the year on ITV at Christmas...

The funny thing is I street cast some of the dog owner characters for this and I found one guy on Richmond common who resembled the guy from 'Jesus Christ- Fennnnnnton'!!
hhmmmm... could it be him??

Kopparberg Tv commercial

Kopparberg tv commercial 2011

Kopparberg cinema ad

I did lots of streetcasting for this.

Range Rover- Pulse of the city

I wanted to show a link to the directors cut but I can't find it to post so you can always view it here-

I did the street casting in London and New York for this. We met some amazing people with such diverse lives.
My favourites have to be the NYC school bus driver singing Amazing Grace, Warren the crump dancer in China Town, London and the guy at the very end running on the beach in next to nothing on Coney Island!

Candy- a short film by Kinga Burza. This was commisoned for the BBC.

Casting by
Des Hamilton
Leanne Flinn
Sophie Dewey

Olly Murs- 'Please don't let me go'

I loved casting this video and working for Olly and Phil of Diamond Dogs.
The mix of eccentric characters and dancers was great fun casting.

Thanks to neighbour John Jackson- (guy playing sax) and my old acting teacher Carola Stewart (Lady with dog)

The Ting Tings- Hands

The Ting Tings- Hands.
I cast the couple factory workers.

Professor Green and Lily Allen- Just be good to me

Professor Green Ft. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To... by wonderful-life1989

I cast the models in this promo with Henry Scholfield at Partizan.