Thursday, 17 January 2013

Boots- Christmas 2012

Stereophonics- Violins and Tambourines

Kelly Jones was an awesome director. Great to meet and work with him.

Smyths Toys

More Smyths Toys commercials for Origami Films. I did the casting for these ads. Polly is a little girl called Caitlin who the director found as she features on her dads radio show! She's pretty good!! I love the mini avengers- they were very professional and well mannered kids on set. All of the kids were a pleasure to have around.

Smyths: MiniAvengers and Mum from Origami Films on Vimeo.

Smyths: Polly vs Megatron from Origami Films on Vimeo.

Smyths: Characters in Every Aisle from Origami Films on Vimeo.

Smyths Toys Catalogue

Smyths: The Catalogue Conveyer Belt from Origami Films on Vimeo.

Loved working on this commercial. All jobs with Origami are so great. They gave me my first job in the industry so always a pleasure to work for them.

Thomson Holidays 2012

I went to Tenerife to street cast holiday makers. Went to all the beaches and bars and hotels around the Island with local production team Daniel Triphook and Sole Orozco. Spent my Birthday out there working on my own but it was still nice to be in the sun!

Vaccines- No Hope

The kid in this was brilliant- Alistair Park.

HTC- 'Miami Bass Project'

HTC - 'Miami Bass Project' (Extended Version) from Tom Lindsay on Vimeo.

Director- Daniel Wolfe. So I flew out to Miami to do some street casting for this HTC spot. My favourite job of 2012. LaShawna and Ethnicity casting had found most of the people before I got there but I went out to all the clubs and bars during Miami music week and Winter Music Conference to find some more interesting faces for the tvc. Hung out with some pretty cool people including Alex Hulsey, Jayme, George Belfield,Sam Chitty, King Make Movies, Sofa King, Ellis, Ricardo, Turf and many more...

BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Promo

Street Casting in Hackney for Red Bee for this Radio 1 promo. Director- Huse Monfaradi


"THE CIRCLE" | O2 + Nike from AG Rojas on Vimeo.

I did some Street Casting on this Nike + O2 spot by talented director AG Rojas.