Tuesday, 21 January 2014

People Just Do Nothing

A BBC 3 Comedy. This is my first Casting Director credit on a TV show. 
Very excited about it coming out this year!

Mockumentary that follows the lives of people connected to a pirate radio station. 
They finished shooting the 4 part series for BBC3 before Christmas.
Roughcut TV are producing it and Jack Clough is the director.

This is me with the PJDN Hat on.
Hope to post a link to the trailer as soon as I can...

Catch Me Daddy Feature Film

I spent 4 months in Yorkshire and a couple of months before in Manchester street casting for Daniel Wolfe's first feature film- Catch Me Daddy. An amazing experience street casting some great people and working with a brilliant team. Looking forward to seeing how it looks... 
Photo by Alex Hulsey
Casting Director- Lucy Pardee.
Street Casting- Gussy, Laura, George, Alex, Hayley, Lucy and I found ourselves in interesting places all over the North of England finding the best faces... too many stories. Every face found has a story attached! 

The Goob

  Photo by Alex Hulsey
The Goob is an ifeatures2 film that was shot in Norfolk last year. Kharmel Cochrane is the Casting Director and I did some additional street casting in Norfolk. 

This Morning/Boots Idents

We had to street cast everyone in these ads. This is just a montage of a few but more are coming out over the next few months.

Cadbury's first ever Christmas Ad- 'Unwrap Joy'

London Grammar 'Nightcall'

Although the cast ended up quite far in the background I really love this music video and song from London Grammar.