Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Plan B- Prayin'

The 3rd in a series of videos for Plan B.
We saw over 200 dancers for this and did extensive street casting to find the right prisoners.
Love this video. Choreographer was the legendary Quinny Sacks with additional choreography by the amazing Kenrick Sandy.
Just found out that Kanye West has blogged about Prayin' and She Said!

Promo News- credits..’s-prayin’-by-daniel-wolfe/
Plan B
Prayin’ (679/Atlantic)
Label: 679 Recordings/ Atlantic
Director: Daniel Wolfe @ Partizan
Producer: Tim Francis
Casting Director: Leanne Flinn
1st AD: Hayley Williams
DoP: Robbie Ryan
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Costume Designer: Hannah Edwards
Hair & Make Up: Almut Gramer
Choreography: Quinny Sacks / Kenrick Sandy
Location Manager: Rosy Laugharne
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Telecine: Simon Bourne
Post Producer: Andrew McLintock @Framestore
Sound Designer: Saul Richards
Commissioner: Tim Nash

Mars- Raised Voices

All extras and the guy behind John Barnes cast by me.
Other lead by Des Hamilton Casting