Monday, 11 June 2012

ill manors feature film

2 years a go we started searching for new talent for this film going into schools in Newham and holding workshop castings for the young characters, small roles and non actors. Dan Hubbard did an amazing job casting the established and brilliant actors including Natalie Press, Jo Hartley and the fantastic Riz Ahmed.
Working on ill manors was like working with family. Everyone worked hard, had fun and 100 per cent believed in Ben Drew and the film because he belived in all of us. Thanks for the experience Ben. x

A few photos from the premiere at The Empire- Leicester Square and then the after party at the W Hotel.
Photo: yesterday ;-)
Riz Ahmed with Editor Farrah 
Me- on route to my first premiere
Farrah and I on the red carpet
Ben Drew 
ill manors poster at The Empire
Sophie and Karen- the make up team and I at the party.

Stella Artois- World Trade Fair

Great new retro TVC by Nick Gordon.
I did some street casting for this in Kiev- Ukraine! Interesting place to find people. I had a lovely translator and assistant called Alyona. 
Stella Artois 'World Trade Fair' (30') from Somesuch & Co. on Vimeo.