Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Plan B- Prayin'

The 3rd in a series of videos for Plan B.
We saw over 200 dancers for this and did extensive street casting to find the right prisoners.
Love this video. Choreographer was the legendary Quinny Sacks with additional choreography by the amazing Kenrick Sandy.
Just found out that Kanye West has blogged about Prayin' and She Said!

Promo News- credits..’s-prayin’-by-daniel-wolfe/
Plan B
Prayin’ (679/Atlantic)
Label: 679 Recordings/ Atlantic
Director: Daniel Wolfe @ Partizan
Producer: Tim Francis
Casting Director: Leanne Flinn
1st AD: Hayley Williams
DoP: Robbie Ryan
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Costume Designer: Hannah Edwards
Hair & Make Up: Almut Gramer
Choreography: Quinny Sacks / Kenrick Sandy
Location Manager: Rosy Laugharne
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Telecine: Simon Bourne
Post Producer: Andrew McLintock @Framestore
Sound Designer: Saul Richards
Commissioner: Tim Nash

Mars- Raised Voices

All extras and the guy behind John Barnes cast by me.
Other lead by Des Hamilton Casting

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Cannes Film Festival 2010

My documentary film was shown at the Kodak Pavillion at The Cannes Film Festival
See it here...
About 16 mins 45 secs in.
It's called Eli.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Adidas- The Street where Originality Lives

This was mainly shot last year in East London. I was a casting assistant on the job for Kate and Lou Casting. I also co-ordinated the cast with Partizan throughout the 7 day shoot, working with some pretty amazing people. Lots of fun!

Kopparberg Cinema Ad

I cast this with a lot of street casting. The right level of cool over 25 year olds were not that easy to find but got there in the end!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Straight 8 2010

My straight 8 documentary film has been selected to be shown at Cannes Film Festival!
I'm pretty shocked but delighted to be one of the 8.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Plan B- She Said

This video follows on from 'Stay too Long'...
I did the casting and choreographed the jury. Loved it! Great fun again and enjoyed having a bit of creative input with the jury. Thanks Daniel and Tim! Be the change!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Origami Films

I have been working for Origami Films on a freelance basis as production assistant for a few years now. It's like a family and I love the shoots. They make films and many Children's tv commercials like Power Rangers, Ben 10, Tamagotchi and Girls World etc...
Bill Clark is a brilliant writer/director and Mel Paton is a fab producer- great team!
They gave me a chance in the industry and I'm very grateful and have learnt a lot from them.
My straight 8 film is now on their website-
click on short films and you can view mine. It was shown at rushes soho film festival as part of the straight 8 screenings. Look back at my blog in 2009 to see my journey- haha!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Blues Brothers Banned- Lincoln Gig

Last Saturday morning I was at the fiming of the new Plan B music video in a court room in Elephant and Castle, London while the rest of the band were on their way to Lincoln for a gig.
After over seeing choreography and checking cast in I was on a train from London to Lincoln to join my fellow band mates.
It was a great gig- over 400 people came to see us and we sold out which was good considering we hadn't played in Lincoln before. Standing ovation at the end was a nice feeling but gutted I missed out on the whole shoot.


Photos by Gary Bailey. Need to figure out a way of making these bigger...


I love the snow :)

It was so lovely to have snow around Christmas. It was a bit disruptive but still so pretty.

This is Rusty, my dog

My Diana F camera- first film!

These are a few of the photographs taken on my lomography camera. Not bad for a first attempt. A bit boring though- need to experiment!

Plan B- Stay too long

This was an amazing shoot to work on. It was pretty crazy but in a good way. We shot it over 2 days in several locations around Soho and East London. We had loads of cast including Plan B's mates and Kaya Scodelario (Effy from Skins).
I got a credit on promo news...
Plan B
Stay Too Long (Atlantic)
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Prod co: Partizan
Producer: Tim Francis
Casting director: Leanne Flinn
1st AD: Martin Serene
DoP: Lol Crawley
Location manager: Rosy Laugharne
Production designer: Sam Tidman
Costume Designer: Hannah Edwards
Hair & make Up: Almut Gramer
Offline Editor: Dominic Leung at Trim
Telecine: Simon Bourne at Framestore
Commissioner: Tim Nash

Gramophonedzie 'Why Don't You'

Director- JMD- Colonel Blimp
Burlesque girl- Amy Kent, cast by me

James Morrison- Get to you

Director- Daniel Wolfe- Partizan
Casting- me

Paul Weston (Producer at Partizan) gave me the opportunity to cast this music video and I am very grateful as I got to work with a brilliant director who I've gone on to work for since.

Drums of Death- Got your thing

Director- JMD- Colonel Blimp
Girl cast by me